After Nose Surgery

The 2nd day after the nose surgery will be the day with the most bruising and swelling in the eyes. This situation should not frighten patients. Because this bad image will disappear in about 1 week.

Nasal pads are used very frequently both in breathing and sinusitis surgeries and in nasal aesthetic surgeries. These tampons are a nightmare for many patients. The reason for this is the breathing problem experienced due to the postoperative tampon and the painful and bleeding process experienced during the tampon removal.

Our doctor reduces time-consuming and painful procedures such as dressing to a minimum with the melting pad he uses to save his patients from this painful process. It may also be necessary to put a silicone buffer frequently. As these tampons reduce the risk of bleeding, the patient continues to breathe because they are special air-way tampons.

The aim in rhinoplasty is to create a nose that is compatible with other facial formations and has a good breathing function. First of all, he thinks that natural-looking noses that are not understood by others to have undergone surgery are the best noses in terms of aesthetics.