Botulinum Toxin

What is Botulinum Toxin? Drugs containing Botulinum Toxin act by creating temporary paralysis in the activity of the applied muscle. The toxin is produced by a type of bacteria. 

How Does It Affect?

With botulinum toxin injection, it prevents contraction by blocking chemical stimuli in nerve cells that stimulate the muscle. It is used in the temporary treatment of wrinkles caused by contraction of the most commonly used mimic muscles.

•  Frown lines
•   Eye creases
• Smoothing horizontal forehead lines

What are the Other Usage Areas;

Before Underarm Sweating Treatment

Procedure, You Should Inform Your Doctor in Advance;

 If you have had any brand of Botulinum Toxin done in the last 4 months,

• If you are using aspirin or other blood thinners,
• You should inform your doctor about the drugs you have used before the procedure (muscle relaxants, drugs, sleeping pills, allergy medications, etc.). How will the application take place? 

 Before the procedure;

Although the application is easily tolerated by the majority of patients; very few patients need pain-reducing methods before the procedure.

 Injection: Anesthetizing the application area with local anesthesia

• Cream: Pre-application of anesthetic creams
• Cold spray: It is applied to the injection site to reduce pain beforehand.

How is the process applied?

The application is made with 31G needles, also known as insulin injectors. The number of injections varies depending on the width of the area to be treated with botulinum toxin.

      2.After the process;

After the procedure, you can do your daily activities. Experts recommend not massaging the application points after the procedure, due to the possibility that the toxin may disperse to another point,

Its effect will start a few days after the application and will continue for 3-6 months. In order for the effect to last, it is beneficial to make the applications regularly.