Brow Lift Aesthetics

Brow lift is an operation performed on eyebrows that have lost their form, shadowing the eyes, giving an angry and tired expression to the face. Eyebrows, which have a structure that supports the beauty of the face and especially the eyes, are auxiliary limbs for a fresh and bright image. It is perfectly normal for the deep grooves on the forehead and the lines between the two eyebrows to become prominent during the natural aging process. Eyebrows, which are exposed to the sun and lose their youthful appearance due to weight fluctuations, begin to fall in addition to wrinkles after a while. Brow lift operations will give the face the luminous air lost by both a smooth forehead and a tight eyebrow structure. Angry, sad and tired expression is resolved by eyebrow lifting operation.

Why do eyebrows fall?

With age and depending on gravity, the large forehead muscles and the tissues supporting this area begin to weaken gradually, weakening the soft tissue eyebrow area, causing it to fall. All these factors bring along the eyebrow and forehead area, which creates a heavy, overflowing and constantly tired expression. Most of those who want to have a brow lift operation say that they cannot make normal facial expressions due to the low eyebrow and forehead area that puts pressure on the eyelids.

How is Eyebrow Lifting Operation Performed?

With the eyebrow lifting operation, it is ensured that the prominent horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are reduced, the natural arch of the eyebrows is restored and the loosened muscles are tightened. In this way, it is planned to get rid of the anxious and tired appearance and to have a rested, open, young and fresh face. Within the Estetik International Health Group, we perform eyebrow lifting operations using the Eyebrow Thread Lifting technique, which is applied without incision.

What is Eyebrow Thread Lift Aesthetics?

The eyebrow thread lift or thread lift technique has a modern infrastructure developed to provide patients with maximum comfort and short recovery periods with the advancing technology. In the eyebrow lifting technique, micro-devices are inserted just inside the hairline, and the fallen eyebrow is suspended on the skull. This technique, which is a non-surgical procedure, is applied by integrating with simultaneous botox, spider web aesthetics and ultherapy methods, and the existing wrinkles and loosened skin tissue are recovered.

In the non-surgical eyebrow lifting technique, do the threads break?

One of the most common questions, the possibility of the eyebrow falling again or the breaking of the hanging threads, is solved with the double thread technique used. The eyebrow area is very active and is the area where mimic movements are made the most. In order to reduce the weight on the placed rope, double ropes are placed, so the pressure on a single rope is reduced and the ropes are placed so that they take the load over each other. In this way, it is impossible for the eyebrows to fall again, and the eyebrow can be raised to the desired degree.

What are the Advantages of Eyebrow Thread Lifting Technique?

• It was a non-surgical, incision-free method.

• No dressing or bandage required

• The recovery period was extremely short

• Instant transition to social life is possible

• Since the nerves are not touched, there is no loss of sensation.

• Lines disappear

• The face is brightened and rejuvenated

• No risk of recurrence

• It is done in as little as 15 minutes