Face Lift It is the area that first attracts our attention and is given the most importance in people. The loss of elasticity in the skin, loosening and wrinkles that occur with the advancing age of the facial area attract our attention the most. Facial aesthetics are also magic touches applied to the skin in order to beautify. Along with technological innovations, surgical and non-surgical aesthetics applied to the face area are observed in our country as well as in the world. It is spreading rapidly with each passing time and is applied by many people. Men and women are easily preferred and applied. Among the aesthetic interventions in the face area; face lift, eyelid aesthetics, under-eye bags, eyebrow suspension, filling application to the face, cheek hanging, neck lift, filling are listed as. Several combined processes can be applied at the same time. The purpose of facial plastic surgery; These are the interventions applied to correct the sagging of the skin and mimic muscles. The area where the signs of facial aging are immediately noticed is the face area. The filling, which is most frequently applied to slow down the progression of facial lines and aging of the skin, is also known as lunch break aesthetics and is frequently applied. In recent years, harmful products are used in the health sector as in every sector in the market. Even in cases where very successful results can be obtained where even tiny touches are sufficient, in cases where the right clinic and the right aesthetic surgeons are not preferred, annoying results that will take years for people to emerge. The right clinic-successful doctor is very important, regardless of whether the aesthetic procedures to be performed are large or small interventions. In facial aesthetics, fillers, non-surgical PRP treatments are applied. In cases where non-surgical aesthetics is insufficient, facelift surgery, mid-facelift surgery, mini facelift surgery, eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty), eyebrow lifting and cheek lifting operations are performed. After the facial aesthetic application, a dressing is applied to the surgical area. There may be mild pain after surgery. Facial aesthetic surgeries take an average of 1 to 5 hours, depending on the applications to be made.