Fat Injection to the Face

Fat injection is the most effective aesthetic procedure that permanently adds volume and fullness to the face. Fat tissue taken from certain parts of the body such as abdomen and thighs with special methods is given under the skin to areas with volume loss or need with the help of thin cannulas. The fats taken are transferred to a suitable injector to the area to be transferred after some special processes and injected into their new places. These procedures do not leave any scars as no incisions are made. In this way, fullness, brightness and tension are created in the skin. The surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia and takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Fat injection is not a 100% permanent procedure. Usually, 30-40% of the subcutaneous fat is lost. The remaining part creates permanent fullness.

It is possible to inject fat to any part of the face. Lips, cheekbones, forehead, nasolabial lines, chin and cheeks can be filled with fat injection. Permanence of adipose tissue is not the same in every region. While the permanence of adipose tissue is less in active areas such as lips, it maintains its permanence for life in areas such as cheeks and forehead. Although there may be slight swelling and bruises in the areas where fat is removed, no permanent changes or scars occur. Usually my patients are discharged on the same day. In 3-5 days, the swelling in the areas where fat transfer is made completely disappears and thanks to the fat injection, tension, fullness and youth occur in your skin with your own tissue.

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