Hair Transplant

The process of taking hair follicles that are resistant to baldness in certain parts of the body and transferring them to bald areas is called hair transplantation. Although hair loss is more common in men due to hormonal or environmental reasons, it can also occur in women. In hair transplantation, the hair of the back of the head is preferred most often because it is resistant to these hormones, but the hair of the chest, arms, legs, etc. is preferred. It is also possible to transfer from the regions. The memory of the hairs taken from the back of the head is resistant to shedding. The procedure, which was initially performed in the form of transplantation of hair follicles separated from the tissue taken from the back of the head with an incision, has now been replaced by the method of removing individual hairs (FUE: follicular unit transplantation) that does not leave any traces. With the developing technology, Fue hair transplantation method is one of the peak technologies. Hair transplantation with the Fue method means the removal of the root of the hair. It should be underlined that with this technique, the hairs are taken individually, not in bulk. 

At the same time, FUE hair transplantation is the least damaging hair transplantation method. It gives much less tissue damage than other old methods. FUE technique is not any hair transplant surgery. It does not carry any risk of bleeding, injury, scarring and any pain.

Since the graft taken in the hair transplantation process with the FUE method is standard and uniform, it can be planted at the desired angle to the hair without cutting the skin in the area where the hair will be transplanted. With the Fue hair transplant method, you can have the most natural hair appearance.

Advantages of hair transplantation with the Fue method

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation should be performed in a full-fledged hospital under sterile conditions under the control of an experienced plastic surgeon. Hair In the area where hair transplantation will be performed, the front hairline is determined by considering the patient's head structure and wishes. By paying attention to the direction of the existing hairs in the area, small channels are opened in a way that will not damage the hair follicles. The hair follicles, which were carefully removed from the back of the skull, are carefully placed in these channels using microsurgical instruments.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

Depending on the width of the area to be transplanted and the number of hairs or grafts to be transplanted, it may take between 1-10 hours.

Who can have hair transplant?

First of all, according to the classification of baldness, there should be enough hair in the area to be removed. In other words, the suitability of the candidate for this procedure should be decided by examination. In our center, the first examination is free of charge.

The patient should not have chronic diseases such as heart or kidney. Sowing cannot be done in the presence of blood coagulation disorders (such as coagulation factor deficiencies such as hemophilia). There should be no significant skin disease in the area where the hair will be taken or the area to be transplanted.