Is a growing mass under the earlobe important?

The main salivary glands in our body are the pre-ear (parotid), submandibular (submandibular) and sublingual (sublingual) salivary glands, which are also called major salivary glands in medical language. In salivary gland tumors, the patient's complaints are first listened to in the diagnosis. Typically, a benign salivary gland tumor grows slowly in the anterior ear salivary gland, where it is most commonly located. It is usually felt as a movable lump under or in front of the patient's earlobe and does not cause pain. Sometimes patients apply as soon as they notice the mass in question, and sometimes they come to the doctor after allowing it to grow well for a few years and creating a cosmetic problem. Malignant tumors, on the other hand, grow faster, they may appear as hard masses that have little or no mobility when we touch them.