What is the cause of tinnitus?

Normally, fungal spores are present in the external ear canal. They find a breeding medium as a result of factors such as water leaking into the ear and humidity. It is especially common during and after sea, pool and hammam holidays. It is also common during the course of middle ear infections with chronic discharge. The use of local antibiotics may predispose to the disease, but systemic drugs do not have such side effects. They can be seen unilaterally or bilaterally. It causes complaints of itching, foul-smelling discharge, hearing loss, and sometimes pain. Otomycosis may be resistant to treatment and may progress with repetitions. The disease is good with medication, but if it recurs frequently, it should acidify the external ear canal before every risk of contact with water. For example, dripping 5-10 drops of alcohol boric solution 15 minutes before bathing. If the external ear canal and the membrane are intact, this procedure is not painful. The type of fungus is not important in treatment planning, so culture is not required. Antibiotics have no place in treatment. Fungal infections do not cause permanent damage to the eardrum and external ear canal. The hearing loss they cause is corrected with treatment.


Source http://www.kbb.org.tr